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Nail Salon

Nail Salon | Tammy Miller Hair Design - Great Falls, MT

It has been said that you can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands. That is why it is crucial to maintain the look and appearance of your nails and the surrounding skin. Tammy Miller Hair Design provides a full service nail salon to clientele in the Great Falls, MT area.

If your hands look tired and overworked, let our specialists rejuvenate them. We will soak, manicure, trim, and buff your fingernails. Whether you want artificial nails or just a hand massage, our friendly staff will deliver you excellent service!

Besides manicures, our nail salon also provides full-treatment spa pedicures. Revitalize your tired and worn out feet by soaking in our whirlpool foot spa. We will gently massage your feet, trim your nails, and buff out any calluses, then shape your cuticles and exfoliate your feet. Relax while our talented nail technicians apply a warm soak wrap and give you a paraffin treatment.

Rest assured that all of our nail equipment is sterilized per safety regulations. Technicians use brand-new buffing and nail boards for each client. A clean and sterile environment is important for the health and safety of our clients. It is a primary goal of our beauty salon. Of course, we also offer a vast selection of polishes for you to choose from in addition to gems and airbrushed designs. The French manicure is the most popular choice among patrons.

If you want beautiful and long-lasting nails, then you have come to the right place. Tammy Miller Hair Design will take care of your natural nails or apply your acrylics. Don’t be ashamed of your hands and feet any longer. Having beautiful hands and feet does not need to be reserved for the warm months so take care of yourself throughout the year by having your nails professionally serviced at our superior nail salon. You will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, friendly stylists and technicians, and the comfort in knowing that your hair and nails are in the best possible hands.

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